New Artist Review: Skyy Makhasi

Skyy Makhasi is a 19 year-old up-and-coming musician from Port Elizabeth. EXIT chatted to the college student about his music and queer representation in the industry.

The beginning:

“I started rapping in grade 9. There was a talent show at school and even though I did not win, I picked up the interest in singing then plus my family was there to support me.”

On music:

“I would say my style of music is trap, similar to rap. It’s called trap because I express my feelings. In rap you get people free-styling but with trap I express myself without imitating others.

I mean, people want to do the same thing. People don’t support each other, it’s not good. Internationally, people want to support each other. I’m just trying to change that, that people support each other locally and abroad.

I always write my own songs. I sit with a pen and paper and jot down everything. I actually don’t have an idol… I would say I am my own idol.

My target market is the youth especially people my age and younger, they enjoy my music. I’d be walking down the street and there are people playing my music, which is so wonderful. Oh yes – I once performed in a charity gig for the June 16th(holiday). It was a youth event. Everything has been good for me in the last year. People were very happy with my performance.

I have a producer, someone I went to school with. He approached me and told me he is a producer and that if I ever do some songs I should be in touch with him. He started producing for me since then.

But I need to be signed to a record label, I am currently not signed. I do everything on my own. That’s the main thing I need at the moment.”

On the industry:

“I have friends who are gay, who are queer that can sing but people do not take them seriously to enter the industry. My friends inspire me to be myself and do what I am doing.

I’ve only recently heard about EXIT but I’m inspired by it because there are not many newspapers that deal with the LGBTQIA+ issues. I think it will inspire other queer people to be themselves, especially in the entertainment industry.

I am very much out. Since before primary (school), I don’t know, I have always been out!

It’s important to be out as a queer artist. You have to be confident in your own skin, you have to be confident to be yourself and not worry about other people.

It is very hard being a queer rapper, I am not able to do some of the things that I want to do. There are situations where I sent in videos of my performances, there are situations where other friends, who are not queer, have their videos published but mine are not accepted. I always have to prove myself. This has a negative impact on my music, my music has been on hold.”

On the future:

I would love to say, just be yourself. If you have a dream and you want to achieve it, fight hard to make it possible. Always be yourself, ignore what people say, ignore negative comments.

I’m upcoming. I am going to continue with music. It will forever be something that I do. I love singing. I can act. I would like to act one day. I would like to see myself performing internationally, being overseas, performing with other artists and being in movies.

People should expect a lot of amazing things that are going to happen. They should just keep an eye on me.”

Check out the latest music from Skyy here.

Leon Jamarie

Leon Jamarie

Leon Jamarie (he/him) is the digital editor for EXIT. He has a passion for social media, grammar and typos, and the upliftment and empowerment of BIPOC queer voices. When not chasing that illusive perfect selfie, you can find him at home with a good book and large bottle (yes bottle) of Sauvignon Blanc.

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