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If you have visited Amsterdam you will more than likely have taken a walk through De Wallen, Amsterdam’s Red light district. You would have noticed that pretty much every window is occupied by a female sex worker. However ahead of Amsterdam Pride this year the windows of sex work collective My Red Light were occupied by male escorts from HUNQS.
Usually, the peepshow-like windows that line the red-light district are filled with scantily-clad female sex workers advertising the brothels. My Red Light, a sex worker rights organization, also has windows in the district.
Amsterdam2Jens Schmidt, a gay man who founded HUNQZ (, which partnered with My Red Light ( to organize the project, said he walks through the red-light district regularly on his way home.
"How different it would be if there were men in the windows too?" Schmidt said in a news release.
"We wanted to partner with My Red Light to raise awareness that every sex worker deserves the same respect and rights as anyone else for the work they do," said Schmidt.
Four male escort models volunteered for the project to create solidarity among gay and straight sex workers and getting equality for gay people," he wrote.
"The red-light district is very straight-dominated, so it's good to get a bit of gayness in there," he continued, explaining that there is one street for transgender sex workers and another for women, but none for gay men.

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With our weak rand, travel, particularly international travel is a very costly pleasure. This is not so much because of the cost of the ticket, though a return trip to Cape Town in high season can cost over R4000 whereas a ticket on the same dates to Rome or Bangkok is around R7500. The bigger problem is once you are there, where are you going to stay as accommodation will cost a whole lot more? Because of this a lot of people are turning to groups like Queer Couchsurfers on Facebook, and they report that this is the way to travel. Where else can you find free places to stay when travelling around the world, or even at home in SA? You may even get a shag into the deal!Manonbed
There is which has over 10 000 hosts in 130 countries around the world, and .They arrange home swaps or sharing for the gay traveller and have 4000+ members around the world. On the homeswapping side there is ,which offers not only home swapping but also hospitality exchanges, room exchanges, house sitting, couch surfing and even vacation sharing, so you can avoid those single supplements that can make travel for single people so expensive. And has now apparently added an LGBT group to their site. Anyone out there with more info in this line, please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can share it with others who may be interested.

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