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Fantastic fetishes

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By Quentin Tolmay

Our bodies are instruments that play different tunes to different people. We rarely explore and experiment with our bodies beyond our comfort zone, scared that we will either hate it or love it, or that our friends won’t approve. Truth is most of us have some sort of fetish, something that triggers our desires and gives us our ultimate sexual experience.
Fetishes can spice up your love life, adding a new excitement factor in your relationship. The most important part is sitting down with your partner(s) and discussing what you both find comfortable and taking it from there. There’s a massive online support system to help you with the “In’s and Out’s” as well as people who have classes teaching you in a safe and clean environment how to make your fantasy a reality. There are many varieties to choose from and it's only limited to what we care to experience. A fetish can take any form, and it isn't only limited to objects; you can fire your fixation in a certain body part to such a level that it is the spark in your sexual arousal. feet4
Safety is a huge part in fetishes and they come from a lot longer back than we think. For instance, a fetish called “tentacle rape” was invented in the early 1600s by Toshio Maeda, who called this artistry ‘Urotsukidojiith’, with an array of artists and poets using it as illustrations and inspiration in their art works, resulting in quite a few accidents and even deaths when women tried to play it out. The most popular adaptation was the art of Katsushika Hokusai, a Japanese artist who created 32 paintings which is now internationally recognized in the festish world.
A more common fetish is “autoerotic asphyxiation” also know as breath play, which causes around 500 to a 1000 deaths per year, and is the strangling of a partner with either your hands or an object . The person who will take part in ‘breath play’ has a huge responsibility to their partner, always making sure to have proper signals to avoid any accidents. This fetish dates back to the 1600s when it was used to cure erectile dysfunction. We all get caught up in the moment, and sometimes our bodies can take over; it's important to remember to have set rules between you and your partner(s).
The most common fetish in modern day, which also dates back as one of the oldest fetishes, is feet. This fetish dates all the way back to the early 1300s when it first surfaced in all its sweat-pruned glory. This can go from only kissing the feet to, well, you can figure out the rest. The fetish for feet isn't as glamorous as you may think. In the late 1300s almost everything gave you some sort of disease, and apparently, feet was a somewhat compromised solution.

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Madonna celebrates 60th birthday

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The pop star and master of reinvention spends her milestone in Morocco, picturing herself as a tousled Berber queen, and tweeting this 'almost birthday' selfie
Wearing a Tarboosh hat along with a traditional Amazigh headdress adorned with spikes and trinkets, plus gold necklaces and chunky amber beads, Madonna clearly wanted to make sure no-one forgot her big day.
Posing with a placard written in Arabic - along with the translation "The Queen" - she wrote: "In case someone forgot!"
The day before her birthday, she wrote: "Almost Birthday Selfie. Celebrating Berber. Culture!"
Lifestyle website Moroccan Ladies says the singer will throw a "grand party" in the evening, and Morocco World News writes that "hundreds of celebrities are expected to attend".


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Trolls on Dating Apps may have personality disorders – say, experts.

If you’ve surfed the ‘interwebs’ for more than five minutes you’ve encountered the disturbing phenomenon that is the internet troll. Vindictive people that cannot resist posting things they know will hurt or distress others.

Almost any popular YouTube video with an activated comments section will provide you with a selection of unnecessarily mean commentary.WTBlogo2

Many trolls rely on the fact that they can say what they want and not be held accountable because they hide their identities. This is the nature of a troll, a person similar to you and me, but who happens to enjoy hurting others. Trolls come in different shapes and sizes and there is emerging evidence to show that trolling is how sadistic people are now choosing to get their kicks.
Dating apps have their own type of trolls too, and they are no less dangerous than the ones on the web. According to two independent studies conducted on 1200 people in a paper called Trolls just want to have fun, trolling behaviour has been linked to personality disorders such as narcissism, sadism and psychopathy. In other words, trolling is an indication that someone has a problem and may need professional help.

Sadism is the most prevalent trait shared by trolls according to the studies, and PsychNet-UK describes people with a sadistic personality disorder as often being cruel, manipulative and aggressive because they lack concern for people and instead, feel pleasure when they harm or humiliate others. Sadistic Personality Disorder Criteria.

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New Mr Gay Universe 2018 contest to be launched as an online pageant

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MrGayUniverseA new online pageant that is bound to energize the international gay community, inspire a flurry of drag queens and bears but test the mobilization skills of these contestants, is about to be launched globally.

The first Mr Gay Universe 2018 will be determined by how strong his social media following is and how good he is at convincing his followers to vote for him. Everything happens online.

The contest was created with the mind set of giving gay men a different kind of opportunity to be part of a global event. We will allow multiple entries from a country to give more gay men the opportunity to express themselves and be involved in the LGBTQ+ community.

Registrations will soon open and anyone from across the globe can enter. You send in your pictures and enter our various categories that vary from swimsuit, business wear to congeniality. Profiles of the successful entrants is then posted on our website for people to vote. The more votes, the better the chances of winning.

The contest aims to encourage an initiative of change and empowerment for gay men from all walks of life, attracting contestants of just about every part of the world.

This is a platform where strong spirited men from all of the world show us what they have, no matter their shape or size. There is a perception that only straight-acting men can enter contests. With Mr Gay Universe, anyone can enter. Drag queens, bears everyone is welcome as long as you are male.

This initiative is expected to create quite a buzz online with thousands of posts daily on social media.

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Mr Gay World 2019

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The coveted Mr Gay World 2019 contest dates have been officially announced.This prestigious contest, now in its 11th year, will be held in Hong Kong from 28 April to 4 May 2019. 

HK2019Last month, Hong Kong won the bid to host the contest. Hong Kong has also been chosen to host the Gay Games in 2022.
Follow up to date information on the Mr Gay World social media platforms Facebook as well as their website:


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