Soweto Pride 2020

The Forum for the Empowerment of Women (FEW) is the official organiser of the annual Soweto Pride since 2004.

The Pride activities have always been necessitated through funding that FEW has managed to raise from different organisations, institutions, and individuals. Since we are all aware that the year 2020 has been a very difficult one due the COVID 19 pandemic, fundraising has also been a challenge. Therefore, Pride activities will not be carried out as usual due to lack of funding. The Pride activities have also been a platform where the LGBTI artists could provide entertainment in return of exposure or limited renumeration depending on the level of the available resources in that particular year.

FEW acknowledges that the Queer community comprises of artists and creative people who are being impacted at a greater degree by the condition brought by this pandemic more than other collective groups. The FEW management have therefore decided that even though we cannot have the usual pride activities, especially the main pride event, we provide a minimum platform where our fellow LGBTI artists can benefit. So, this year instead of the main Pride event we will be hosting a fundraising picnic which will be taking place on 24 October 2020 at a negotiated venue known as Chaf Pozi situated at Orlando Towers in Soweto. It is through this event that we are of the notion that there is a chance to support queer community members who are artists and creatives that have drastically suffered because of the pandemic.

This will be executed bearing in mind the lockdown level–1 regulation. One of the important regulations is the number of people that can be allowed in a space like Chaf Pozi. It is for that reason why FEW will be selling tickets online to monitor the number of people that can be accommodated at the venue. The tickets will be available and can be accessed through this link from the 13 October 2020, the sooner you secure one the better.

The proceedings will directly be utilised to support all the artists that will be entertaining us that will be attending the picnic. We also urge those who can give more to not limit their giving but donate to the organization. For further details please contact Siphokazi Nombande on the following email:

The community is urged to celebrate and enjoy picnic  throughout but also be cautious about COVID-19 during these festivities.


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