Queer Warrior: Sylvester Chauke

 @sylvesterchauke, founder of DNA Brand Architects

Sylvester Chauke is not just one of the most influential Africans on the continent, he’s a husband, an enigmatic entrepreneur and a shining example of what bravery looks like in a modern day Queer Warrior.

As the captain at DNA Brand Architects Sylvester remembers how as a black gay man in business he had to overcompensate with excellence. He goes on to say that although being on top form at all times can be exhausting it is very necessary to survive in the corporate jungle as a black body.

“As members of the LGBTIQ+ community, we have to run a number of universes in parallel. We have to deal with the necessities of economic participation while also delicately manage our acceptance in our families and communities. That brings with it some real challenges.”

Acceptance of one’s identity should not look to the external definition of queerness but to listen deeply to oneself and find your own version of existence.

“So, define yourself in relation to the community. Do not copy and paste a lifestyle based on trends but based on a choice and a decision that is made by yourself. This was critical for me because when that happened, I felt like I owned my identity and who I truly was.”

A Queer Warrior for Sylvester is someone wo overcomes their own fears, rises above their own circumstances and in turn becomes the voice and representative for their tribe. A Queer Warrior’s ideal is a place of equality, that allows freedom to just be, also freedom to excel.

For a Queer Warrior, every opportunity to teach, to inspire and to fight against ills in our tribe is taken with intensity that is motivated by the ultimate human truth – love for progress and unity!

Words: Treyvone Moo


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