Queer Warrior: Kim Windvogel

@blazingnonbinary, Author and Activist

I first read Kim Windvogel about two years ago, her poetry is sharpened by the feminist agenda, laced in sexual liberation and birthed with the kind of intelligence that leaves you in awe for more.

The twice published author, activist and body positivity Queer Warrior is a gem within the local queer community. Windvogel who identifies as non-binary is the founder of Femme Projects, an organisation that deals with grassroots education in sex and body politics and has touched over 4000 young girls and women through workshops in schools.

“When it comes to my work, I want people to know that it is okay to allow space for people to know that it is okay to be just fully who you are.”

Recently Windvogel co-curated and published They Called Me Queer, an anthology of short stories from the black queer community around the world.

They believe that queer stories are often whitewashed, censored and written from a place of fear of being silenced. Queer representation is very important to Windvogel because it is these stories that are shifting the paradigms of acceptability within society.

On Sundays Windvogel takes to social media and presents “Sunday Sex Service”; a fun, brazen and educational presentation from their home on sex and identity politics.

“Dala what you must!,” says the Queer Warrior adding, “Self-determination starts with the body, if you can claim agency of your own body and destigmatize conversations around sex you start to create spaces for people to claim their bodies. Only when someone can claim their body, can they start to move through the world with self-determination around the other parts of their lives.”

Words: Treyvone Moo


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