Written by Gerard Rissik

We all would love to have a Range Rover Sport parked in our driveway, or maybe one of the lesson
offerings from Land Rover is your preference. I love them and have had a few, but I am also an
owner of a couple of products from sister brand Jaguar and I think being mostly a city boy they ft
higher up on my list. Let me let you in on a little secret, there is a way that you can get to experience
all the Jaguar Land Rover products and get to understand the handling safely and easily without
having to go out and buy the car.

Jaguar and Land Rover owners will know the Jaguar Land Rover Experience at Lonehill. As part of the
purchase price, all owners of their products receive a complimentary course to teach them about the
dynamics and handling of their vehicle. They will also know that the venue offers a good restaurant
which overlooks the tracks and skidpan, one can sit and enjoy a meal or a drink and some cake while
watching the activities below. What you may not know is that the centre offers conference facilities
for small groups, which could also incorporate a training session out on the tracks. I can’t imagine a
more enjoyable conference venue.

If you don’t own a Jaguar or Land Rover you are also catered for The Experience centre offers a
variety of courses and you can make your booking via the Jaguar or Land Rover websites. A morning
course will set you back R2500.00. This is the perfect way to get an appreciation of the capabilities of
your favourite vehicle without having to push it to limits on normal roads where you could endanger
yourself or others. If you are trying to make a purchase decision this would be a great way to find
out more about the vehicle. If you are just a fan of the brand and want to get up close to the vehicles
here is your answer. An extra benefit is that having completed a course you will receive a certificate
which you can show to your insurer and they should give you a discount on your premium.
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