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Trans man for the cover of Men’s Health

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Entrepreneur, bodybuilder and model, transman Aydian Ethan Dowling is well ahead of all the competition in the 2015 Men’s Health search for the Ultimate Guy. The mag is looking for someone who shows all the qualities that make up today’s well rounded, active, health conscious and thoughtful guy. They go on to say they are looking for a guy who is fit and fearless, a doer who gives back and who leads by example. Aydian is over 40 000 votes ahead of his nearest competitor so it seems pretty certain that he will be the first transman to be featured on the Men’s Health Cover. Judge for yourself in this recreation of Adam Levine’s famous nude portrait (Aydian on the left).


There is someone in our corner

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I am a 48-year-old gay male (not flamboyant) who recently contracted the hepatitis B virus. This is my story.
It all started late last year when out of the blue I felt very bloated, a feeling I was not accustomed to. This was replaced by on/off nausea and feeling tired. I thought it would pass but when it didn’t, I started to worry. The colour of my urine changed to a dark yellow and my stools to a clay colour instead of the “healthy brown”. A month after the symptoms began I went to the “family” doctor (as in real family) who thought it was a stomach issue and prescribed something for that. But things didn’t change, so after 2 weeks I went back.h4mlogo
This time he took blood which indicated a high “bilirubin” count in the blood and submitted it for further testing as I had now become jaundiced (due to the liver being inflamed) - which is when the white of the eyes become yellow. When the doctor called me in for the test results he told me that I had tested positive for hepatitis B. I was a bit shocked, wasn’t sure what it was, was not told what to do and what not to do, except that I should see a physician. He also implied it wasn’t anything to be concerned about. That was it! He may have mentioned something about “advising a sexual partner” but the briefness of the conversation hardly allowed me time to catch my breath.


Bollywood gay film touted as India’s Brokeback Mountain

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Although several gay scenes have featured already in Bollywood productions, an upcoming film is being touted as India’s answer to Brokeback Mountain.
Promotional posters for Dunno Y . . . Na Jaane Kyun were released recently showing two topless men embracing.
Few details about the film have been disclosed but it is expected to be a high-profile release. The director is Anil Sharma, who is well-known in India’s film industry.

BollywoodHe told The Times of India: “The only thing I was particular about was that this character should not come across as a caricature or just as an object of mockery. I am truly happy with what I have chosen.”
The film will be in English with subtitles, something which may help it past censors.
Actor Kapil Sharma will play a would-be gay model who begins a sexual relationship with another man. It is not yet clear whether this will be a romantic relationship, as reports say the central character is forced to “compromise” his morals to further his career.
Bollywood has rarely mentioned homosexuality in the past and even heterosexual kisses are still unusual.
But since the Indian capital Delhi legalised homosexuality last year, homosexuality is very slowly becoming more accepted in culture.
A recent film, Dostana, showed two men pretending to be gay in order to win over a female love interest, but Dunno Y . . . Na Jaane Kyun is the first big release to tackle the issue of homosexuality seriously.
One upcoming small film, I Am, depicts male prostitutes being harassed by homophobic police officers. It is currently being shown at the Rotterdam Film Festival.

Curtain comes down on South African drag legend Dainti Delischia

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Legendary, iconic South African drag performer and Exit columnist, Charles Whiley, better known to many as Dainti Delischia, died suddenly at the age of 78 in Cape Town on Tuesday 12 May.


Dainti was well-known for her caricature drag style: huge eyelashes, blue eyeshadow, painted on rosebud lips and, of course, her big hair (several wigs made into one).

Born in 1936 to  a conservative family (his father was magistrate of Clanwilliam and a secretary to the Cabinet, amongst other important positions), Charles Whiley always wanted to get into  the life of theatre. And he did,  thanks to theatre star and impresario Joan Brickhill, with whom he worked for many years as stage manager, travelling all over the country, and even up to what was then Rhodesia with several versions of The Follies.

The ironically-named Dainti Delischia was born to thunderous applause in 1989 at the Million Dollar Golf banquet in Sun City’s superbowl, leading the Mardi Gras conga into the banquet room. Charles said it was choreographer and director, and life-long friend Carlo Spettu who convinced him to drag.This success led to an invitation to perform the same function at the following year’s banquet. Unlike Frank Sinatra, Dainti appeared many times in the Superbowl at various corporate functions. At this same venue she was one of the cast of the Outrageous New Year’s Party which was televised live by M-Net from the Superbowl for South Africa and various other African states.

Dainti started  her own cabaret shows with a supporting cast, known as Dainti Delischia and The Titbits. They performed at fashionable venues like The Piano Bar, Banana Bar, The Balcony, Cool Runnings, Jargonelles Restaurant, and even the gay nudist resort, Voëlkop (in costume, of course!)

A large part of this document I worked on with Charles himself. I believe we put it together as a Profile when he was asked to appear on Weakest Link about 10 years ago. With other structure I took help, under pressure, from Luiz de Barros's article on - Gavin Hayward


Joburg Dance Competition open to same-sex couples

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Samba Heat Dance Academy is a fairly new dance studio, launched on 01 November 2014 by Thabang Bhengu. Joburg City All Stars, to be held on 30 May, is the studio's very first event. The decision to include a same sex section arose from 2 facts:MaleDancingCouple

* Now and then most studios get single students of one particular gender, on the same level, that are way in excess of the numbers of the opposite gender.
* We do believe there are same sex friends and/or lovers out there, who would prefer to be each other's dance partner.

Because of these factors, they decided to include a same-sex section, with high hopes for a positive response from the dancing society.


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